These are important ways of maintaining physical and mental health and balance. Why are they so against it? WTH is their problem? I have had a few occaisions where Christians have walked up to me while I was doing Tai Chi in the park and they asked me ridiculous questions like “Have you found what you are looking for in doing that? Because I can show you the TRUE way to God.” [/rolleyes] It just makes no sense to me how they have twisted something that is used for mental and physical health into something that is at odds with their religion. Someone pls explain?
There is absolutely NO religious intent behind most forms of Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, etc. So WTH??
Christians have fabricated all sorts of nonsense about Tai Chi like it is some sort of satanic worship or something. Do a google for “Tai Chi madness” or “qui gong madness” and you’ll see what I mean.