Who was the Dalai Lama praying to?

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I have been reading one of his books where he states that he prays. But my understanding of Buddhism is that there is no God or any other supernatural beings…

Likewise all the prayer flags and prayer wheels in Tibet etc…


I assume he prays to no-one 🙂

Prayer in Buddhism is not the same as prayer in Christianity: Theravada/Southern Buddhists don’t pray ‘to’ anyone per se, although some Mahayana/Northern Buddhists may… but not to any omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, creator god. I can only speak from a Theravada perspective because that’s my background, and prayer in Theravada Buddhism is a way of focusing/conditioning the mind — although it’s not a practice I undertake.

(Remember: Tibetan Buddhism is a Vajrayana, which branched off of Mahayana. I have absolutely no understanding of Vajrayana practices)

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