We know consciousness exists, because we have awareness of self. At first, this awareness is an acknowledgment of our autonomy of being. As our awareness matures, acknowledgment of our interdependence upon all consciousness is accepted. “All,” as in all human consciousness collectively exists as a universal pool of awareness. Although debated, often referred to as a “collective consciousness.”

It is this collective consciousness, which forms human awareness of being. Unified by consciousness, yet we acknowledge and accept our independent free will to experience life as self.

On the surface of human existence, we appear to be distantly separate and independent beings, separate from other entities within our environment. We are independent beings, interdependent upon the consciousness of all beings. I believe this unifying consciousness, this collective awareness, is of it self – interdependent upon an original consciousness. A perfected consciousness, which gives life existence where none exists.

Where does this perfected consciousness come from, this original consciousness from which our consciousness has its being? Explain? Please included references to source material(s) if applicable.
The answers received thus far are very impressive. Some provocative. All are greatly appreciated. Let me add this: I do not deny being a bit “mystic” about the matter, it’s the nature of question. It appears most of you, understand human consciousness is independent (self), while at same time interdependent (collective) on all human consciousness, which is connected to a perfected consciousness (God). Please add to your response. Continue to avoid the simplistic answer, i.e., “With God.” Such answers add as much illumination to the explanation, as the light of one candle adds brilliance to the sun. Again the question: Where does consciousness exist before self awareness?