I seek Sohbet in a place full of spiritual literalists who serve either their stomachs or their ecstasy; they are so deceived by their nafs that they think their service is to God rather than being the lover drawn to and within the beloved.

Dervishes why such silence?

I just wish to commune with those whom I’d receive as friends.
As I meditate daily I find myself lapsing into silence as well when confronted by those who follow trivial legalistic religions.
It is hard to find the initiated.

What’s the difference between a Sufi and a Gnostic who’s awakened or a Buddhist that’s enlightened or a Guru, we all marvel at the vistas we glimpse beyond the realms of action. In my opinion they have all transcended their cultures and religions.

If you know what I’m talking about please join me in a cup of tea, or a puff of smoke, or any glad poetry which speaks of love and eternity.