Or was it the planets aligning just so? Or was it the Wiccan spell of protection that you cast? Or was it Zeus or Odin looking over your shoulder? Or maybe you reached a level of Zen enlightenment? Or… was it… coincidence?
All the belief systems out there look the same objectively… How do you know for sure? How is it ever more than a choice that could have been made by the roll of a die? There is no final, definitive concrete evidence for any religion or spiritual philosophy. But the thing is I still have this nagging feeling I will be going to hell because I didn’t choose to accept Jesus Christ as my saviour.. but my brain says: this doesn’t make any objective sense….What do you think?
Intelligent answers only, please!! Don’t bother answering if you can’t use English grammar correctly or if you can’t answer without YELLING LIKE THIS.
Sorry to be a prick, but those things are insanely irritating.