What's that humming sound you hear during Astral Projection?

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Has anyone else experienced a strange high pitched buzzing/ roaring sound during meditation or Astral projection? If so, do you know what causes it?

Thanks in advance!
* I know I’ve asked this question before, I just wanted to see if I could get some more answers.

Also, to those who do not believe in this ability, I’d appreciate if you’d not answer my question.
Thanks for your time! 😉


That “humming” sound might sound different to everyone and I believe it might be because one is so intune with their own energy. Some might see it or feel it or even hear it as well. It’s all about energy frequencies; some people tune into lower frequencies and some to higher frequencies. Maybe it’s all manipluted by the mind or maybe emotions, who knows? But definitely has to be the energy around you that you hear. I sometimes experience this before lucid dreaming, while I astral project, and when I meditate into a deep state while on shrooms. It can be overwhelming sometimes and when I cannot deal with the buzzing so I think of light and it immediately starts to feel much more soothing and relaxing

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