I have a rather interesting spiritual life, and I don’t really know how to label it,but I would like to know what you think I am.

I believe in God, as in out there, and in my heart. I also think their are both feminine and male aspects of God. Like the yin yang.
I think nature is also a manifestion of the Supreme.

I like to do magick/spells/rituals, but do not have any real desire to cast a Wiccan circle. I like chanting, and meditation. I do not feel the need for “protection”.
I like the seasons that change, but I do not have an alter, and do not decorate it, or any thing, to ceremonialy mark the wheel of the year/seasons changing.But I really like nature.
Sometimes I pray, other times, I don’t feel the need.
I read about spirituality, like right now I am reading about Kabbalah, via the idiots guide book, and it’s interesting and deep.
I have couple of nice pentagrams and a crystal wand pendant that I like.
What would you say is my path? Pagan, Neo Pagan, some form of Wiccan , or what? I would really like to know what yopu think.
I am not a teen or young adult, I am 40.