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As a Tibetan whos grandparents (boths side of my parents) were murdered by the so called “People LIBERATION Army” of China.

If our spiritual Leader had not escaped, then China would most most Definitely have killed him. (om mani pedme hum… )

Hoping that would fizzle away Tibetan freedom movement.

China and those uninformed Chinese hope that the Tibetan freedom movement will wither away after His Holiness passes, But they don’t realize that it is the movement of Tibetan people !
Not Dalai Lama’s cause but its Tibetan peoples cause.

It is sickening how the Chinese have kidnapped 11th Panchen Lama of Tibet after he was officially recognized in 1995 and Chinese chose and installed their own Panchen Lama !

FREE The 11th Panchen Lama of Tibet !

REJECT The Chinese Gov’t Chosen Panchen Lama

On April 25th 2008 one of Tibet’s most important spiritual leader 11th Panchen Lama would be celebrating his 20th birthday. He was kidnapped by the Chinese authorities soon after he was officially recognized in 1995. To this day his well-being and where-about remains unknown along with his family.

After the Dalai Lama, the Panchen Lama is widely considered to be the most important religious figure in Tibetan Buddhism. Because of this, Chinese Gov’t has chosen their own Panchen Lama to use him as a propaganda tool to meddle ruthlessly in Tibetan Buddhist affairs in an attempt to exert political and social control over Tibetans through the religious institutions at the center of Tibetan life. The issue of Panchen Lama highlights China’s gross violation of human rights and restrictive and repressive rule in Tibet as a result of which Tibetans across Tibet rose up in unison to take part in spring 2008 protests. Fifty years later since the Chinese occupation, Tibet remains under virtual martial law with heavy military presence. All this is happening while NO INTERNATIONAL MEDIA IS ALLOWED inside Tibet.

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