a year ago I was rebuilding a dock with a friend from church. standing in waist deep water I knew it was dangerouse to be using electrical equipment but it was the only way to drill holes into the concrete foundation. After drilling the 3rd hole I place the drill gun on the wall and reached for the metal stud to place into the foundation. I pulled the cord of the gun and it fell into the water. I tried catching it (out of reaction) and my hand submerged into the water. as I brought it out I got shocked, my hand squeezed the gun and turned it on. the drill bit starting moving closer to my chest, right where my heart is. my reaction was to use my other hand to hold the gun so that my left arm wouldnt contract into my chest. if my other hand was wet I would have been dead by the shock corssing my heart and then shredded my chest open. note: this all happend in a matter of seconds. Whats your near death experience?