what to expect when getting my aura/past life/ and tarot cards read?

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im nervous because ive never had it done before. i am not even sure i believe in past lifes or auras…i belive in tarot though, because i read cards myself. the reader usually charges $75 for this service but shes only charging me $20 ( for her gas to come up since she lives about an hr away). at first ( as i said in another post) i was skeptical about the whole idea of paying someone to read my cards..but the whole idea of reading my energry and just intereacting with a psychic is drawing me in. Im not a psychic ( im just a tarot reader) and i think it will be an interesting experience. true, she did offer the reading to me and so that may make her look like a scammer but the truth is, i when i was in her shop, i was actually thinking of having a friend of mine trade readings with me, so maybe she picked up on that…

this question is for tarot readers and psychics and this question is legit, so please, if youre going to tell me i am going to burn in Hell–i really dont care 🙂
i forgot to mention, my mom’s friend’s kids (theyre in their 40s) loves her…even the one who who has been reading Angel Cards for years LOVES her. that is the only reason i am even considering her…
* her shop is a shop which sells crystals and tarot cards…i didnt even know she was a reader
poor kayla k 🙁 she thinks she is God and is going around on YA! condemning people to Hell. what a poor, delusional soul


deception, falsehoods, lies and a waste of money. If you went to 8 different tarot readers you would get 8 different “readings”.

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