My wife started playing an Ouija board because she is obsessed with psychics. She played it by herself for a couple weeks, and was obsessed with it so I took it away because she would not do anything without asking it first. She always had the same spirit come to her, her deceased uncle. After I took the Ouija board she didn’t need the board to communicate with him, she said his voice along with others was coming to her in her head. She then thought she was psychic and a medium and used past information to try to persuade her family and friends that she is psychic. The voices told her I was cheating on her so she left me. Te voices told her to stalk this innocent young lady and confront her for cheating with me. The lady had no clue who I was. I’ve never cheated; I’m not that type of person. She did some other crazy things and her family took her to the hospital. She was diagnosed as bi-polar. She was doing great after she got out of the hospital, she moved back in with me, but had bad side effects with her medication so the doctor put her on an anti-depressant. She has quit taking that and is on her own natural medication that she found online. She still thinks she is psychic and I don’t know what to do anymore.
She was put on an anti-psychotic after released from the hospital where she was evaluated for a week. While in there it took her many days before she realized she had an illness and needed help. After she got out of the hospital and was on the medication for a little over a week she started to finally realize what was going on her life over the last year. But, the day before that she quit taking the anti-psychotic and she hasn’t acted like she did that since.