In my circle we have this friend, I’ll call her Diane. Well, I don’t often see her, as I find her a bit intense and a bit draining. She is more of my friends friend. Any way last year, she kept saying she saw death around me, which really upset me, as no one likes to hear that right. She is “apparently” very psychic. Then in september my mom died. She told me that the day before, she knew and had told a fellow co-worker that she would get an sms saying some had died and she did of course as her friend, our mutual friend sent her the text.

I saw her today and she has totally freaked me out. I was diagnosed as bipolar in March and I am still suffering depression as I have not taken my tablets (long story I wont go into here). She said she’s really worried about me as she see’s a big black hole and looked so concerned. The whole hour I was with her, she was on and on about this big black hole and I need to sort it out, she cant say what it is. I had like this massive anxiety attack after wards. It has affected me so badly I came home early instead of going straight to work after which I would have done. She also told me to be careful when driving. I am so upset. Please don’t post silly comments I really need someone to talk sense to me as I am upset.
I must add guys, that I did not go to see her for a psychic reading, I visited her for coffee and a chat to catch up. I just feel this whole thing was innapropriate. I am not into this type of stuff at all. Even with my mom, she kept sending msgs via my friend that I did not ask for.