what really is meditation and yoga and what are simple ways to do this?

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how does it help releive tensions, etc?

is it mainly stretching and breathing properly?

what else?

please describe.
what is really happening to the person that allows them to clear mind, vision, etc?

how long has this been practised to by whom?


There are many different types of Yoga. Ideally it should be about the indivdual finding peace and relaxation, but also pushing the body to the limit. There are simple exercises you can do, to get a feel for it. Some of them squeeze the liver and massage the other internal organs to help the body.
An easy one is to lie on the floor and raise your head up, using your hands as support, then raise your bum in the air and have your arms and legs straight like a bridge. This is upward and downward dog.

It might be best to go to an instructor who can check you are doing it right and then you have a lovely ten minute relaxation at the end, which is cool 😉

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