What is the wiccan/pagan perspective on a wedding during a lunar eclipse?


My boyfriend and I are trying to settle on a date for your wedding. We are thinking seriously about June 15th, 2011 as it has special meaning for us. However, not only is it the Full Moon (part of what makes it special) it is also a Total Lunar Eclipse.
The ceremony would likely be early afternoon or morning, but our reception would go well into the evening and I am curious how this sort of event might effect things and what it will say about our marriage, if anything.


It will not effect your marriage if you are a well-balanced and well-matched couple. Astrological events don’t “do” anything to people, at least not long-term. Even if you believe that your zodiac sun-sign or the date of your birth says something about your life, it isn’t that the planets dictate your fate, it’s that they show your patterns. Since your patterns are already in motion, the date of your wedding (which is something you control vs your birthdate which you don’t control) will have little effect on the state of your marriage.
Full moons are great dates for weddings. The lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow passes over the moon. The moon is still there, but the light from the sun doesn’t reach it. This could possibly have a very grounding influence. Any effect it will have is likely to be temporary, lasting only until the moon is again visible, and thus has no effect on your marriage as a whole, just the energy of the party you’ll be throwing.
Congrats and best of luck!

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