What is the Quranic ruling on Astrology?


Haram or Halal? One of my relatives practices it ALOT…if it is bad how do I get him to stop? I talked to him but he said it is truthful and helps.
Also, some Quranic verser and/or Authentic Hadiths would be nice
Isnt telling the future haram> so….astrology would be haram, right? My relative uses it to somehow tell the future
yes, I mean astrology.


In everything there is the good and the bad. In some the bad outweigs the good. Astrology or the other derivitives of foretelling were brought down to earth by two angles Haruth and Maruth (check it up in the index of the Quraan) for good reasons but people began to use it for the wrong reasons. In many ways it is accurate but when it comes to people with faith then they are beyound this. It is dangerous to follow asterology because one begins to depend on it and looses faith in Allah. The Arabs used to predict with accuracy wheather a camel was going to bare a male or a female calf. The Prophet (SAW) broke this tradition and proved it wrong. When they predicted that it would bare a certain gender he said that it would not and when the calf was born it was the Prophet (SAW) who was right. Read also Al Hadis for this tridition.

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