What is the Quranic ruling on Astrology?


Haram or Halal? One of my relatives practices it ALOT…if it is bad how do I get him to stop? I talked to him but he said it is truthful and helps.
Also, some Quranic verser and/or Authentic Hadiths would be nice
Isnt telling the future haram> so….astrology would be haram, right? My relative uses it to somehow tell the future
yes, I mean astrology.


I agree with the previous answers. It’s Haram .
I really don’t believe that he can predict something, their predictions are generally false ,very few peope can do this by contacting with the other civilization which lives beyond our Physics – in Metaphysics (i don’t know how it’s called in english , in my language they are called ‘CIN’).
But anyway its Haram for both the people who succeed it and the ones just trick themselves , and if i’m not mistaken it’s haram to go to them and ask for prediction.
If that person is a Muslim , try explaining it as you explain it to yourself , but if that person is not Muslim or is Muslim but is so-so, then try other ways , maybe a Islamic scientist reads this topic and answers to you.
But remember: try avoiding listening to him when he predicts. And never ask him for it. I’m sure you will not.
Good luck.

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