What Is The Basis Of Wiccan Beliefs/Teachings?


I know to a certain extent what the beliefs practices are, on top of at least a few of the members being rather bad at reading, but I’ll put that to the side for now. Whatever the doctrines of Wicca are, what’s their basis. I mean, Islam is based in the Qar’an, which is supposedly infallible. It’s an argument, perhaps a circular one, but it’s there. What evidence is there for Wiccan beliefs being true?


Your questions are written so offensively they do not warrant a respectable response. I don’t personally know any Wiccans that are “bad at reading.” In fact, it is commonly mentioned in Pagan circles that if Pagan religions have anything in common it is a love of reading. We are the people most likely to have homes filled with shelves and shelves of books. And yes, we read them. Unlike other religions who only have one book to read, we have hundreds, if not thousands of books to read if we want to be respected in our community.

Now, to actually answer your question –
The evidence that our beliefs are true are contained within personal experience. We do not hold up books as the infallible word of our gods or any prophet nor do we believe our own personal experiences count as proof for anyone but ourselves. We believe that if our gods wished for you to worship them, they would let you know themselves. They do not need or desire our assistance in spreading their message. Each of us have our own experiences and our own reasons for believing what we believe.

Additionally, your claim that you know what the beliefs and practices of Wicca are is untrue. Based on the questions I have seen from you, you do not have any grasp on the basics of the religion at all.

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