What Is The Basis Of Wiccan Beliefs/Teachings?


I know to a certain extent what the beliefs practices are, on top of at least a few of the members being rather bad at reading, but I’ll put that to the side for now. Whatever the doctrines of Wicca are, what’s their basis. I mean, Islam is based in the Qar’an, which is supposedly infallible. It’s an argument, perhaps a circular one, but it’s there. What evidence is there for Wiccan beliefs being true?


What does “being bad at reading” have to do with religion? There is a wide range of educational level within ALL religions. Some Wiccans are uneducated, yes. Some are University professors. My point being – some Wiccans can’t read very well – SO? Wicca is very much a religion focussed on education, research, and reading. Just like with any religion, there are good Wiccans and bad Wiccans – that is to say, some Wiccans who understand the Wiccan religion throughly, and some who do not. The ones that tend to be more educated are generally better Wiccans. Just like with any religion – the more scholarly a person is, the better able they are to grasp the concepts of ANYTHING – religion included.

The basic tenets of Wicca:
– Honor of the God and Goddess – The divine falls under three categories – firstly, the God and Goddess, who are separate and distinct entities. Secondly, the divinity of the Universe. Third, the divinity of the self – which is a part of the universe, and must therefor also be divine. The celebration and reverence of all three is part of Wicca, but only the God and Goddess are honored as a divine entity. We believe that the God and Goddess are immanent within nature, and that our divinity, and the universe’s divinity, springs from them.
– Acknowledgement of the Sabbats – the sabbats represent the interactions of the God and Goddess. There is a range of life experiences that occur between the God and Goddess – from the birth of the God, to the death of the God, the Wheel of the Year marks the events of their lives, and animates our own lives. It is the interactions of the God and Goddess which give life and divinity to the universe.
– Practice of Wiccan ethics – The Wiccan Rede – an it harm none, do what ye will – in other words, do what does not harm freely. This is not a “do not” statement, or a restrictive statement. It does not mean “harm none” as some rather misinformed Wiccans like to claim. It simply means to do what is NOT harmfully freely – and in that assertion, we can assume that what DOES harm is not to be does freely, or frivolously, and we must think about our actions, to determine if they harm. If an action harms, we must weigh the harm against the harm of NOT taking that action, or of taking a different action – and act, or don’t act, accordingly.
The law of return – this is NOT karma. The law of return states that your actions will come back to you, good or bad. Some traditions add a multiplier to the equation, three being a popular one, but I do not ascribe to such belief. To me, the law of return is best understood when described as Murphy’s law – every action has an equal and opposing (not opposite, opposing, as in, push back) reaction. So if you put bad things out in the world, bad things are the result of that. A series of events results from putting out negative or positive actions or energy, and what ever you put out – negative or positive – has a tendency of making its way back to the original source – YOU.
Self responsibility – Many Wiccans ascribe to the belief of self responsibility – You, and only you, are responsible for your actions. Wiccans do not believe in original sin, or in being “saved”, because that would be to deny self responsibility. We also do not believe in embodiments of evil, such as the devil, because that would be to deny that actions that can be deemed as “evil” originate truly from within ourselves, and that we alone are responsible for those actions. There is no “the devil made me do it”. Only acceptance of what we do, right or wrong.

Believe it or not, that is the bare bone basics.

As for evidence – for the Wiccan, the evidence is in the very existence and nature of the universe.
For the person that does not belief, there is no evidence. And that REALLY does NOT bother us. Unlike some religions, Wiccans don’t seek converts, and so we really couldn’t care less if you see proof in our religion or not.

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