as far as i know succubus is a female demon that feeds of from sex. it would be nice to summon one. the only problem is i dont know any details since the info differs.
1. do they kill the one they have sex with or do they sometimes do it?
2. what and how exacly she feeds off ? is it just sperm? does she drain you from your magical energy while having sex? if thats the case i dont mind sleeping for 18 hours and be dizzy for 4 days. i mean if its that good… does she feed off from the energy you release when you are in great pain?
3. can you see her with an untrained eye?
4. does she tend to ask for an extra favor?
5. where can i find sigils and the words for spell(shouldnt include kissing satans ass)
6. if she can drain my energy without harming my body what happens if i start a power meditation as soon as she starts draining?
7. does it actually feel good?