What is "inner vision" and what is it's purpose?

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Do you have it? How does it manifest in you and how do you apply it? Can it be misused, abused? How does one create inner vision…are there techniques or practices? Is it a springboard to greater insights or higher consciousness? Or is it a wrong turn into the occult, away from highest purpose? Is it the same as having psychic powers? Or is it a merging with Source at some level?


Inner vision stems from the consciousness of the third eye…and in the system I study, this is the allowance of seeing all things as God, as Divine in nature….

In the course of meditation practice, over time various abilities that are natural to us all will become available to the practitioner. Some are born with abilities, but to develop them meditation is the most effective.

One pitfall could be becoming attached and overly fascinated with these ‘powers’…..they are useful tools, but not the ultimate experience…… they can be ‘misused’ in this sense, but even that is simply an experience of personal refinement. By and by, the seeker will come to understand the inherent limits of such choices, and will desire for further expansion….

I meditate upon my own inner visions in order to gain more clarity in my life, my true nature…..in order to cultivate awareness. The clearer I am, the more able I am to see into my own life, and the lives of others.

Which I keep to myself, using to grow my own compassion, unless asked what is it that I have seen……as a shaman, these visions I have can be enlightening for some, worrisome for those who seek to keep their own truth shrouded in shadow….each to their own timing, it is not for me to lay upon them.

too much to address in your very interesting question, sorry for the loooooong answer…..lol

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