Something causing a major shift in your thinking ?
An experience that makes you see the world differently,
or make you understand yourself better,
or make you understand other better ?

Is that something you can experience through fasting, or lots of exercice, or meditation, or relaxation techniques, or sex, or age, or drugs, or psychotherapy, or deep thinking, or martial arts, or arts, … ?

Can you consider that people have spiritual experiences without linking that to god(s) ?

Have a good day.
Training and education—that`s the best spiritual experience one can ask for !
Major shift in someone`s thinking: i didnt say this is a good or a bad thing. You can be converted or brain-washed, or convince yourself of something that changes your mind a lot, and make you do stupid things.
I`m more thinking of positive change, like understanding more what is going on around oneself, feeling more confident, listening more to people or seeing more one`s prejudices.

Martial artists, monks, artists, … some people claims spiritual experiences change their life – I am wondering about this idea of life-changing or mind-changing experience.
( read me better – i am not assuming this is strictly for god-believer…)
Looking more at your views on the subject. I have my answer to my question, expressed above too–

I have met 2 people who changed their behavior a lot after getting converted ( to islam, sadly covering her beautiful face with a veil, and another to catholicism ). Another one after practicing aikido.
Yes our minds are changing all the time – I am mentionning a “major” shift.
Imagine you know this persons who is quite mean or criticising everything people do, and after this experience, this person is genuinely more caring about people around ( or so it seems ).

Or imagine a guy who is afraid of dying, or getting very nervous about the universe, god/no god, afterlife, … and after a “spiritual experience”, stop asking and asking himself the same questions, and get more confident, without having a real answer for his questions.
…and dont quote scriptures please…
i can copy paste too…