what is a scrying mirror?


idk? Just wanna find out?


Black mirrors, or Hathor’s Mirror as they are called among some of us, are very useful tools for not only scrying but for just “seeing”…
I can see my own aura in mine, but not someone elses ; also on a nice night with a full moon, just sit outside, mirror placed in such a fashion that the moon in her fullness is captured in the centre of you mirror and do a meditation with your eyes open and loosely focused on your mirror…
You may be quite surprised as to what information you may see by doing this, and please note that it takes time to see things in the mirror for some, and yet again for others who are “tuned in” you may see things on your first use…
In days of yore they were made from black obsidian, but you can get yourself a picture frame (fairly big one) and spray paint one surface several times with Matt black; when completely dry put glass back in frame and you have yourself a black scrying mirror..
Blessed Be… )O(

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