anyone ever pondered this concept?

Ancient Sumerian (oldest advanced civilization known to man) texts have information on astronomy etc, many advanced concepts long before we learned.. apparently they received this Information from aliens and stated humans were created as biogentic experiment/slave race.

This goes back to the garden of eden (is it just a metaphor?) – Original sin and fall of humanity.. Eve’s sin was eating from tree of knowledge.. apple (interestingly enough when you open it pentacle) is spiritual knowledge.. Why wouldn’t God want us to have this knowledge? A loving, forgiving, compassionate God punishes all of humanity from one transgression by Eve? doesn’t make sense.. Snake is wisdom, transformation, dna, kundalini.. etc A lot of new age beliefs involve, love and light.. lucifer is Angel of light, illumnates.. Sumerian texts I believe discussed the dispute between two princes, one wanted us to have knowledge the other didn’t..

This is all ancient texts etc I know.. just something to consider.. there is a lot out there we don’t know.. Order doesn’t stem from chaos, universe mathematically, geometrically is too perfect.. I think intelligent design is a viable theory.. but intelligent design doesnt mean divine design..

What are your thoughts and please no insults? this is just exploring if these theories are valid.. if one makes the assumption spirit world, God etc are real..