What does it mean to be 'Spiritually Enlightened'? How do you know it is real?

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There are so many different paths and most people are so lost. There are so many beliefs and schools of thought. Buddhish, Taoism, Zen, Sufism to name a few. Then there are the traditional religions and modern religions like Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and the modern movements like Radha Soami or Sant Mat (including Ruhani Satsang and other offshoots).
All these are PATHWAYS that claim to take you to truth or God. The reality is very different. In reality, most followers simply remain followers all their life.
They may have the occasional vision or realisation – but they rarely achieve enlightenment.
What is the TRUE NATURE of Enlightenment? Does it require any EFFORT or SADHANA like MEDITATION or PRAYER to achieve this state?
What is the distinction between someone who BELIEVES and someone who KNOWS?
If you STRONGLY BELIEVE then you are CONVINCED and you believe you have the truth when in reality all you have is a BELIEF?
Is enlightenment a belief? How do you know?


The Holy Spirit was sent to enlighten us, He reveals the Word to your heart. He is also a Comforter, when that Fire lives in your heart, you know it. So no, enlightenment is not a belief but a revelation. Just remember that the purpose of revelation is to reveal a living God, and that is who you should put your trust/belief in, not a religion.

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