by Michael:

Let’s cut straight to the five most advanced Levels:

Aspirant-level: People here are learning about the value of Love and Peace. People here
live for friendship, they develop music, the arts, have good careers + develop charity drives.

Industrial-level: slighty more advanced, industrial represents expansion of the intellect.
People here become scientists, analysts, inventors, politicians, and own succesful businesses.

Disciple-level: represents an inward drive towards Self. People here study chakras, astrology, telepathy/channeling, magick, ghost-hunting, past-life regression and the like. Alien contact occurs here. Kabalah, paganism, aeseticism, buddhism, free-masonry, and other secret societies are disciple-level religions. Environemental Awareness. Energy-Healing. Intent based holograms are taught here.

and then there are more advanced Levels:
Initiate-level. is marked by exorcisms. In Initiate-level we learn to face Satan
and the Dark Forces head on as well as how to astral-travel to other planets.

Master-level: a Master can Teleport, Levitate, Dematerialize, walk on Water, walk through Fire.

Your thoughts?

Answer by Micah Thompson
Very interesting. Why, may I ask, is Satan the bad guy here? Is it not true that the name Satan is derived from the ancient Sanskrit Sat, or wisdom/knowledge? And Lucifer is Latin for The Light Bringer. Other than that, your Seven Levels sound intriguingly like the Chakra concept, that has been thought about a bit too much. Check out a religion called Spiritual Satanism. All of these abilities and others await… Seriously, though, check it out.