What do you guys do when you have an angry "off day"?


I had a bad dream and it put me in a really bad mood from the moment I woke up. Then other things kept happening to make me mad, little things that have made my morning harder.
Usually I am a positive person and little things don’t really get me down. But today is different, and since it’s not my norm, I don’t know how to deal.
I have a long shift at work ahead of me, and I don’t want to blow up at anyone. I have like an hour to get this thing in check.
What are your tips?

Please make note of spiritual things you do especially.

And it’s not that I don’t appreciate everyone’s advice, but if you ask me to “put it in the Lord’s hands” I will vomit.
*note- this is not my moon cycle time


I usually try to lose myself in a good book. Go off into another world for a while.

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