I’ve always been connected more to my spiritual side throughout my life. I actually have a psychic gift…
But the point is, that I’ve been practicing, And I’ve tried to see people’s aura’s. When I look at their “third eye” or their brow chakra, my peripheral vision has only been able to see an outline of the person’s head(when i concentrate on the head) in color. They’re not all the same though…However in order to see an aura does it have to be a huge halo around their head in color…..or can the outline also be part of it, and it’s just that I’m barely begining to do this?
Any tips please.
OOPS!!! By Psychic gift I don’t mean the seeing of auras, I know that’s not one at all… I’m Clairvoyant. That’s what I meant, and thats why I feel connected more to my spiritual side. I didn’t mean to day that I thought The seeing of Auras was a gift…….And by HALO i mean the strong light eminated in the aura, there are people who can see it far more clearer than others, So I’m trying to say a larger view of it….not an actual HALO like an Angel’s^^