What are the different ways Buddhism?


– and what are they called? let me try to make it more clear for ya, I know there a different ways to practise buddhism where you don’t have to be a monk, but also is active, there seem to be a newer form of buddhism that focus more on good karma instead of no karma…


Karma is in all Buddhism.

Mahayana is “The Large Ferry” or the vessel in which everyone is traveling towards illumination.

Therevada is the “Small Ferry” that only those who choose that path make it there.

Karma is just accumulated good or bad energy that determines where you go in the next life, has nothing to do with this life.

The focus on karma is an attempt to live well and practice the Noble Eight Fold Path, which is a path to open the chakras and achieve enlightenment.

There is much more for everyone to learn, myself included.

Peace and Knowledge!

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