What are some tips to learning tarot cards?


Hi, I have been reading cards for 15 years now and here are some of the tips I give all beginners:

-throw out the book that came with the deck, the art of tarot is in how you interpret the cards.

-take each card, one a day is a great way to do this, and study it in depth. Look at the colors, the picture, the background, symbolism and emotion in each card. Read it like a story and meditate on what the card means to you. Getting to know the cards personally is very important.

-Don’t worry about spreads… the best way to read for a beginner is to just start pulling cards and reading them. Some times a past present and future 3 card draw is the best reading someone gets!

-if you have cards that fly out of the deck while you are shuffling, or you are drawn to very strongly.. then pull it out and read it! the card obviously wants to tell you something 🙂

-Find a way to personalize your deck and keep it working with your energy on it… a special bag or tie for it.. lots of shuffling.. keeping crystals around it.. how ever you wish to express yourself into them. I am currently working on a “color your own tarot” for this reason.

-Do not be stalled by a deck that doesn’t fit you… even the deck that features your favorite color and spirit animal and all that jazz can not call to someone and speak to the reader.. keep trying different decks till you find one that you are really comfortable with.. I have been using the same deck for 13 years now.. and its all old and worn now.. but man I couldn’t find a better one 🙂

Good luck!

ETA- start off with readings when ever you are comfortable. I would practice as much as possible and with people who are patient enough for you to sit and find the meaning. I would also make sure you feel comfortable with the person you are working with..so there is no pressure.

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