What are some spiritual connections/meanings to sleep paralysis?

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I know what the scientific meaning of sleep paralysis is, and i know what it’s caused by in the brain.

But, I’m looking for more spiritual answers for it.

Because, it’s started happening to me, and just recently I’ve been studying the practice of Astral Projection and Dream Control. And just before one of my major sleep paralysis episodes, I was telling a friend of how I’d much rather sleep my life away; that way I wouldn’t have to deal with the “bullshit” things everyone goes through. And i wouldn’t have to think, i’d just dream.
Then this starts happening, and I realized, if this happens then i do not want to be sleeping.

So, does anyone have any spiritual answers for/about sleep paralysis?

*keep in mind that i said i was studying the practice of Astral Projection & Dream Control.


The sooner you realise sleep paralysis is spiritual the better for you. Pray and pray

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