I have a male unneutered cat who is 2 years old. He doesn’t whine, fight, spray, breed (entirely indoor and likes it that way) and is the most affectionate cat I’ve encountered. Honestly, I know all there is to know about why I SHOULD neuter my cat so I ask that no one tell me about that, I promise I’ve done my homework. What I haven’t found are any reasons not to and that worries me more than it comforts me. I know there are negative effects to having a major hormone-producing organ surgically removed, but no one will admit to any of them. The only thing I’ve heard is that cats may gain weight after being neutered because they won’t be spending as much energy on humping and fighting and their personalities may change…they’ll be more friendly. Yay. Those are backhanded answers. When a human goes in for any surgery there is a 3 page handout that covers all of the possible side-effects even for tonsilechtomies. All I want is similar information for my cat so I can be fully informed.