Am i one?I can see auras, see faeries, and sometimes think i can move stuff without touching it.I can see and hear ghosts, feel energy, and i am working on astral travel, I am 11 years old.
pan, indigo children, i have learned, dont always disobey.In fact, they usualy dont even lie.Now i dont knoe about you but i would be preety proud of my indigo child for being creative,speaking his or her mind, wanting to make a diference in the world, not lieing, and been such a great child.So oyu need to shut the fu*k up. You just are to absorbed in todays life of material things and sex to even give a crap about the world around us.And yes, angels are real, i pray to them almost every day.So why dont you do your research like i jsut did before you start talking.Oh and for the worlds sake, please go palnt a tree dear.