were is the best place to buy land and be safe 2012?


as you all know there will be a polar shift in the earth and those of you that are prepair and know what to do have a good chanse of survival ….not only for yourself ….for mankind ….
im in a planning of a team of families ready to do what it takes to help our childrens survive we are looking for a team of spiritual people with a good heart , deffenders of truth and evil…..and with something to offer to this new comunity ….im thinking of buying land hight on a mountain im still surching for the place to built camp.with supplies medicine and everything needed in case of a dissaster ……we need a team with doctors ,carpenters ,farmers, architect, policeman ,cooks,builders,and much more to make this happen …….i will be planning a meeting in miami sometime in december …….you can e mail me with sugestions and information ……pepecalderin@yahoo.com


Your so gullible. They are only predictions, not facts.

How about using your head for once and question things, instead of just believing everything you hear, read and see.

Waste of time.

If something big like that was going to happen, wouldnt you think it would be in the papers, news and organizations trying to help against it?


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