I am deep into spirituality and meditation, and do alot of chakra work. From experience I knew all my chakras were wide open as during chakra work, and now even during a regular day when im not working, I can feel the immense energies in all my chakras, especially the ajna. During meditation on it the energy is at a level where there is immense pulsating and the sensation of alot of energy at the third eye, and the ‘darkness’ one sees with eyes closed in a darkened room gets replaced by whiter and whiter shades, accompanied by flashing white lights eventually and a feeling of pleasant trance-like disorientation.

I had a subtle energy reading done by a mystic I learned reiki from, and she confirmed that I had a very surprisingly large aura, that all my chakras were active and that I had immense energy in them, my dominant aura color was blue-purple. She told me that while my third eye was unveiled and very active, I am not using it. She said this is possibly due to trauma in this life or another, and it would sort itself out on its own in time.

I wanted to know if there are any meditations/methods to actively seek the usage of an already unveiled and active ajna chakra?

Non-believers and people who have nothing to contribute in way of what I am asking please don’t bother posting, we all have our views you don’t need to try and poke at or denounce things you disagree with – your life will just be that much more filled with negativity if you go about denouncing everyone and everything you don’t believe in.

@ 2nd Poster:
Thanks for the reply. Yeah I am aware that cleansing and energizing and generally working with chakras, meditation and spirituality naturally enhance intuition latently. I am also aware of the immense downfall of getting attached to siddhis, but siddhis are useful in progress if you do not get attached to them. I am not interested much in clairvoyance, or telepathy or any of the “cool” siddhis, but more interested in solving the issue the mystic talked about where I am ‘not using my third eye due to trauma’ or for whatever reasons, and would not mind at all the assistance of intuitive Q&A sessions with the ajna chakra to help guide me and give me some clarity in the progress of my spiritual path..namely right now there is (and has been) a very strong calling to renunciate and return to India where I am from, and become the disciple of a certain guru I have had some experience with in the past. This is not an easy decision, and was looking for some higher guidance