Ok so a few days ago a neighbor of mine said something to me that kinda freaked me out and was fairly accurate after she read my chakras she tol me it was strange for my age (14) for my voice chakra to be larger than most adults along with my third eye and my root and crown chakras as well and she told me that I should be able to see things if I learned how to allow them into my mind…. (over years I have seen things but they seem more demonic then anything so I blocked them but now I don’t think it was such a great idea to open my mind back up but I refuse to block things any longer)… My mom and I were confused but Said nothing and walked out. ( in my family my mom is the only one who knows about my “abilities” and she never told a soul for fear of ridicule)
And so just for clarification we went to about 5 places to get my chakras read and tetras and junk and they all said the same things
So why? Is it a Coincidence? And please explain about it because well I’m still confused.