I could be considred a solitary witch. Problem is I don’t feel comfort with some things witches may do or believe. Same goes with being a shaman, or christian. Being a total Wiccan would not work for me. I am sort of a conglomeration of all these things. Is this considered neo- paganism?
I believe in God, herbs, animals, the power of word and color. I don’t believe in church, I know God is everywhere in every thing. I believe in the power of dance, in the Godess, life is all opposites. Spirits, meditation, an it harm none do as ye will. I love my animals, the earth life as a gift to be treasured. I believe old is better an new is fun. That the way we choose can hurt or help, and things do come back at us. I believe the night and the moon and wordless music has power. I thank the creatures that choose to live with me and give me strength. I believe stones and metal from the earth have power, and most of all, I believe power is in us to discover.
Said I could be considered a solitary witch by definition, didn’t say I was one. I do study, alot, about all the things a Wiccan is supposedly suppose to do. Calling the four corners, making the circle, candle magic and much more. My thing is I don’t believe that there is need of all the symbolism of tools and rituals and cloak and dagger so to speak to have the power to do magic. It’s a state of mind that can be obtained without all that if u know how. I read, I study, I live it, I do it, but by definition, what would it be called?
Read above my beliefs. I did not say I was a witch. I don’t get why people assume I don’t study, practice it or think about my own beliefs. I live it! I am in the country with no one around, my animals, plants and any other creature that comes along. I have had years to discover who I am. I am not asking anyone to show me my path. I know it. I am asking what my path would be called based on the things I believe and don’t believe.
Eclectic? That was not something I ever considered. More learning for me. But how does anyone self dedicate to a path like this? There are so many different ideas on what and how things should be done. I only have the Internet, books, and the desire to learn it. No one here to show me any proper anything. it’s basically hit or miss for me in the discovery department.