I’m under a LOT of stress right now from a certain family member and it’s affecting me physically.

I get a LOT of diarrhoea and indigestion, my head hurts some times and so does my 3rd chakra (heart), stomach and behind my eyes.

I eat healthily and I am NOT overweight. I’m skinny but it’s my figure.
I also used to eat all day and have no dinner or lunch time in general so I just ate whenever I felt like and hardly got full.

I went on a full vegan diet a week ago after all this started yet it doesn’t help so that proves that this is to do with emotions.

I also have weird dreams and wake up every 1-2 hours which I don’t normally.

Anyways, I can’t move out because I’m underaged to live on my own so how do I relax WITHOUT pharmaceutical drugs? Please don’t come up with a stupid answer like ”Just relax and get it out of your head, everything’s gonna be fine”. That won’t help one bit.

So any meditations or online hypnosis/therapy? (can’t afford a therapist and they’ve never worked for me before)

And I am NOT going to church. I don’t believe in any religions so please don’t be stupid and answer with that either.

Thanks =)