“Even though Satori is a key concept in Zen, it should be brought to the attention of the reader that Zen and it’s traditions does NOT have exclusive rights to the Enlightenment experience. That which is called Satori in Zen is a term that is wrapped around a phenomenon that “IS” and that “IS” is not “owned” by any group, religion, or sect.”

~ taken from: http://sped2work.tripod.com/satori.html

1. If this is true, how can one reach Satori without formal Buddhist practice? and how do you know if you have reached Satori, is it a perpetual state or only brief moments in time?

2. Do you know of any examples of people who have reached Satori outside of a Buddhist culture, maybe outside of the “East”?

English is not my 1st. language.
Maybe Jakob Böhme experienced Satori?