okay i am not joking this guy actually said this!!!

I’ve thought my life through rationally. Things for me will never improve. Suicide is my permanent solution to my PERMANENT problem. In my case it is my height and my social ineptitude. I dont have any friends anymore and when I walk through campus everyone looks at me like a freak because I’m only 5’5″ and everyone is above 6′. I’m not at all ugly. I have never dated – no girl would ever look at me. I’m 24 now. Life is like a movie – if it sucked all the way through so far then the rest will not be any better. I hate my family for having me and I dont care if they feel any pain.

I am comfortable with the nothingness of death – I don’t believe in an afterlife due to all the empirical evidence. Near Death Experiences are only hallucinations of a dying brain. The Pineal Gland floods your brain with DMT when it is dying OR WHEN IT THINKS ITS DYING causing the brain to trip.

Tell me where I can find potassium cyanide. Or send me