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What would the aliens want with our planet? There are three major scenarios as to the noticed behind their actions:

They want to take over the planet and steal our resources.

They are explorers and observing us like a scientist studies an experiment from afar.

They want to show the human race that they are not alone in the universe, but due to our hostile nature, they have decided to slowly manipulate our species so that we will be more open to their existence.

If you couldn’t guess, the third possibility is the most plausible given the data that has been collected. In our past, aliens’ existence almost became common knowledge, due to mistakes on their part and some of our own.

When a ufo crashed outside Roswell, and was recovered by the military, their presence in our lives was broadcast around the world, only to be covered up the very next day by our government.

It was clear that our rulers didn’t want us to find out the truth about our presence in the universe and of alien life, so they thought it better to collaborate with the visitors, gain technology, and keep their existence a secret.

This plan has worked for most of our past, except for the fact that the aliens have their own agenda, are seeking acceptance in our culture. The human race is being changed, slowly, even if it is one person at a time.

People are being abducted, tested, and altered genetically to allow for other portions of their brains, which control esp, telepathy, etc; to become active. In doing so, the human species will be able to interact on a new higher level of consciousness, see the futile practices of worshipping gods and fighting wars.

Along with direct manipulation of the human species, hybrids, crosses of aliens and humans are being made, so that they will be able to live amongst us without our knowing.

If the aliens were hostile, and wanted our planet for its resources, they would have taken it away from us centuries ago when we still thought the earth was the center of the universe, not now when we have nuclear weapons, lasers, and space crafts of our own.
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