Spiritually Speaking, since our consciousness is electrical impulses in our brain…?


When will they invent ethernet i can just plug into my ear?
Oh, and STFU about God and spirits. idc.
Yes, a hug would be nice. I just got back from a camping trip and im cranky.
Dustbunny, No, not V-Chip. Ethernet Plug, so i can connect to the internet from my skull.


Sorry, I can’t answer your question. In this economic downturn (recession), I had to pawn my crystal ball and haven’t had the money to get it out. (I’m waiting on my stimulus check as promised.) Also, I’m not sure who “they” is so I can’t call “them” and ask “them” when “they” are going to invent ethernet plug ins for ears. I’ll be able to get my crystal ball back as soon as the stimulus check comes in. Ask me after I get the crystal ball back and I’ll have an answer for you.

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