These past couple of days, I’ve been feeling very negative, irritable, cranky, and not just from some lack of sleep or lack of anything. I eat healthy, sleep normal, get enough exercise/outdoors, etc…but lately I’ve been feeling a lot of negative energy surge through me, in my behavior, conversations, etc…in other words I’m really not myself.

Am I going through what is known as a “psychic attack”, or is someone sending me this bad energy and its affecting me?
Any answers not involving what was asked or smart aleck, rude comments are just going to be ignored.
I just feel angrier than usual, more aggressive, get depressed/feeling hopeless easier, and no I know its not a bout of depression, chemical imbalance, disorder or self esteem issue (I know the difference).

I just feel so much negative energy inside me and around me and I don’t know where its coming from. I try and disperse the negative energy, change my perception, I have a feeling someone or something outside my control is sending me this real bad energy.
I’m 20, I usually wear a black obsidian pendant prescribed by a feng shui expert to help ward off negative energy directed towards me/jealousy/back talk.

I also wear crystals (a mixed bag but mostly amber, tiger’s eye, and various crystals that deal with social situations (aquamarine, duertormorite, etc…)
I’ve been told that this isn’t my year and I’m at risk for a lot of negative things and to wear protection every day and to clean my pendant/crystals once a week (I cleaned them last night with the right amount of sea salt and water as instructed).