So what do you know about shamanism?


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deewana; That’s one of the points, yes.
Shamanism is one of those things where it is better to learn by doing.

It’s much more rewarding for you than if i simply sat down and taught you everything i know.
Amy: Everyone is susceptible to those variables, not only those who study shamanism.


In the neo pagan world it is an approach of which I am not fond. Shamans take a very individual approach to the divine or “unseen.” They study hard and typically undergo ordeals that supposedly qualify them to lead others spiritually.

In my experience they often have control issues when it comes to doing group work or ritual. I believe this is because the kind of personality that is attracted to the shamanic approach has a specific set of weaknesses that the training through ordeal and leadership emphasizes.

I prefer a more egalitarian approach and an emphasis on group work where individuals work in harmony rather than a leader-follower model.

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