shamanism and religion?

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does it contridict with religion? tell me more about it please.
the reason i am asking is i asked about meditation ,and i was given a site to visit,n it i found a mediation session to help clear the mind.i wonder if this is against religion ,or is just a way to communicate with nature in a higher level


There are many cultures that have Shamans, which are a combination of healers of physical & spiritual natures/causes. They may not all be called Shamans but their purpose is the same.
Its all part of what religion they believe in and practice. Its also Earth based which means they are attuned to the Earth for what needs Mother Earth might need.
An example here would be Druids who were attached to/with the Celtics. They healed their people when they got sick and were also attuned to the Earth for anything she might need or if there were going to be catastrophic changes that might be coming.

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