Seriously considering doing psychedelic mushrooms?


Here’s the thing- I’m a non-drug user for the most part. Never done pot, never smoked cigarettes, but have plenty of friends who do. I didn’t get really drunk for the first time until I was 19, and only drink about once or twice a year, tops.

I’m also very connected with nature, love it in the spiritual sense and over the past two years have come to realize how completely ridiculous a lot of things in society are, and how frivelous they are.

After watching some commentary by Bill Hicks and George Carlin, they’ve made a strong case for shrooms.

The thing is, I feel myself walking an enlightened path by myself. I’ve come to realize that the world has to be built on love, and the struggle to love and be one with the concept of God (not God as in Christian God or anything), not materialism or wealth or careers. And this is BEFORE the shrooms.

So I don’t really feel I need drugs, and it’s always been my policy to attempt this kind of inner journey without their aid. But anything that would knock out my ego and allow me to totally enter this realm intrigues me- if only as a one time deal. I have a friend who tried shrooms, and sounded like a very intriguing experience as he went into the woods. And this is my desire- to take shrooms to be fully one with nature without the boundaries of society and ego.

So, I’d just like to hear some stories and comments from serious shroom users. Not ones that take shrooms and go to a dance club. I mean people who use it in an educational way. Proceed.

*And please, please- no comments about how drugs are poison. Read my whole post- I’m not ten years old and I’m not interested in what D.A.R.E. officers drilled into your head. I know drugs can be dangerous, just like cars.
Hm, I’ll have to think it over and do more research. I don’t feel like I need drugs, and I often “live in the present” anyway, but still, I’m sure it’d be an experience.

I do have this silly fear that I’ll start thinking of giant spiders right before I do them and fuck the whole thing up.


II think it’s important to radically, chemically alter your consciousness at least once in your lifetime. Expectation has a lot to do with it. Put yourself in a good place with people you trust and it’s really no big deal. Don’t make it a habit and have fun.

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