Serious question…. Anyone know a good method to seeing auras?


Although I seem to sense them, I have yet been able to “see” an aura. Interested in learning to see them, but ever exercise I’ve found either doesn’t work or just gives me the afterimage effect (not an aura).


Look in the mirror approx. 3 feet away. Look at your nose and let your eyes drift to your forehead slowly but dont super focus. As your doing this look near the surface of your body without moving your eyes, simply FOCUS! on the area of you …(anywhere on you)… and …(an inch or bigger, depending)…you will see a translucent glow.
Blinking or focusing with your eyes directly will restart the process. Just start over.
It only will take a few seconds to maybe a minute(or two). Practice and I promise you will see.
Everyone can. Get in touch with your spirit(true self) and you WILL succeed. Be patient.
Can’t do attitudes are designed/guaranteed to fail. Good luck on your journey.

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