I know it’s sleep paralysis, right! I had Old Hag syndrome back when I was younger. I finally got rid of her last year by doing some serious praying and over come my fear. But I think it’s happening to my daughter (6). She would come to my bed every night claiming she has a nightmare, one day she told me she saw a woman sitting in the corner of her room. Ever since then she has been complaining of stomach ache before bed time. Her talking toy would be going off when I lay her down. After a couple of days later I took the batteries out, and the same night the phone in my room was making a humming noise, woke my wife and I up. Yesterday evening, while we were watching TV, my son alarm clock went off and he said he did not set it. This morning (my daughter slept in my bed when my wife goes to work) I woke up at 3:16 am and I heard a voice say, “hey”. I was wide awake, but was too scared to get up and look around. After some praying I got enough courage to look outside my room.

Beside my symptom this has never happen before, and the house was brand new when we bought it. I can go on and on, but my question is how do I get rid of it without scaring my wife and won’t make me look like a complete nut? Or how do I tell my daughter to face her fear? She’s only 6 and I have advised her pray before bed time.
Effy, thank for your input. I never mention anything about ghost. And it’s happening to my daughter?
Thank all of you for your inputs and prayer. AI M, the reason I mentioned sleep paralisis at the begining is because everybody assumes it’s just that. I should have made myself clearer about “praying”. It’s not just so I can shun her off so she could go to bed. I’m telling her to really ask god/Jesus to protect her. And that’s what I did to me. I do some what believe in supersition and holy spirits. Most importantly I believe in “sh!t happens”. So what is that makes me? Thanks again for all your advise and most of all for not judging.