I have been studying reiki through various books for a couple months now. I’ve read through and practiced it on myself, my family, and my friends. Each book mentioned the attunement, but not in detail, and it made it seem like attunment happens when you begin reiki. So then i researched it and walah, apparently i’m supposed to be attuned before i am capable of practicing, but honestly, everyone I’ve given sessions to say that they feel immensly better than when we started. Is attunment required to truly practice reiki, or is it for only those who are unaware of their psychic abilities because Ive known all my life that I could sense things and I’ve occasionaly dreampt of future events, and even seen in the middle of the day, spirits that have passed.
ok, first of all im not speaking to demons, you moron, im not asking for anyone’s help with how ive adapted over the years to my connection with energies and things that most people can’t understand, and i have studied the practices of reiki, i know all about chakras, hand positions, and the origins of the whole practice itself, i am not a stupid person meddling with black magic, reiki is all healing through touch, all i want to know is if attunement is required because i have read in many texts that for people who truly wish to heal the person they are giving a session, attunment does not matter if you intentions are fueled by strong will and belief.