by karen g:

I was walking to my car when a woman approached me and told me that she senced that i had a high energy and told me that she needed to tell me about my partners infidelity.She handed me a flyer were she advertised herself as a pshycic..
well she said that my partner was not unfaithful physically but mentally, that i have a curse of bad luck and it was passed from my mon to myself..that i will never be happy in a relatiinship until the curse is broken,,that witch craft was done by an older lady to my mom..she also said that in order to lift the curse i needed to pay her 150 dollars on the spot to buy healing candles in order to lift the curese..i told her i could not afford that at the momment and the money i had was for rent..she went as far as telling me that it was ok for me to be short on rent because she knew i would not get kicked out thaqt she sees my luck changing 4 the better ..she also looked at my hand bag and told me that she knew it cost more than 150 dollars
she said she did not understand why i would pay so much 4 a purse and not pay to heal my life..she was growing frustrated and told me it was the devil holding me pack not to pay…now im looking at her bag..and it cost way more than mine..and im thinking …150 will go toward her new purse…finally when i got away i started thinking…5 yrs ago i went to a pshycic..and she told me the same thing that i had bad luck and it was due to a curse put on my mother…so this creep me out,,do i really have a curse and if so is paying 150 dollars really gonna heal me? I do have bad amazes me sometimes how things that dont happen to others happen to me…now in regards to my partner we do have problems..he is not in love with me did she know she trained to read me by my reactions and she feeds on it? what should i there another way to heal my curse?

Answer by Nora Explora
Fake – fake – fake!!!

I am a psychic and I can tell you that it doesn’t work that way. A psychic is a person who is trained to use a greater portion of their mind than usual. Some come into it naturally if they have a greater gift for it but all have the potential.

The mind is all that is used by a psychic, not candles, or any other props. What this person is is a mystic who uses fear to make a living off of gullible people.