According to my studies,
I found out that there are 3 types of supernatural powers found amongst today’s society. Those borne with psychic powers who can see futures / spirits naturally (unlearned – without using mantras, tarot cards, zodiac, astrology, etc!), those who are really close to God (Holy Spirit) – Gift of Prophecy, visions, can distinguish bad and good spirits, etc [evidence shown in lots of charismatic, spirit-filled church], and witchcraft (learned power- using voodoos, mantras, meditations, tarot cards, zodiac, etc – most use witchcraft to inflict pain on others – so its associated with bad spirits)

There are thin lines between being psychic, have gift from God, and being a witch. Cuz all of them can basically do the same thing – but maybe different source. i dunno.

What do you guys think?-
I’m just curious
lol… ok.. any other oppinions?
there are 2 sources God and demons, and… how do we distinguish them again?
oh… sorry…
I meant only witchcraft can inflict pain on others.. while psychic power and gift of prophecy cannot.
any other opinions?
what would happen if the power is not from God? How to make sure that the power is from God?
booboo… well. thanks for sharing your personal experience.
I kinda feel that playing with witchcraft is like playing with fire… cuz sometimes the spirits wont leave you and … err… make your life a miserable hell. So I guess that’s the reason why it’s not allowed by God. I do know that if you’re really close to God, you will be immune to withcraft cuz there’re angels (light) protecting you. The degree of closeness to God is the question mark to most people though… how can we tell?
As for psychic (indigo)….
i know some who were born with 6th sense. so… i don’t know if that’s from God or not?
Can you tell me more of your experience that brought you to the Lord?
a charismatic lady told me that I have 2 angels who guard me… is that from God or not?
a charismatic lady told me that I have 2 angels who guarded me… is that from God or not?

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